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  • Looking for an active guild

    Hi all,

    first: yeah, I've seen the guild section in this forum, but as the latest thread is a few months old, I prefer to ask for a guild this way.

    As the title says, I am looking for an active guild, that is organized, communicative and beats all guild raids. In the guild where I am at the moment only the half of the people participate in the raids, no one ever speaks and nobody cares about nothing.

    I will tell a little about me, that u can decide if I am fitting in to ur guild or not.

    I am from germany, 34 years old and a real game veteran. I came to AoHC by pure chance. I paid to get VIP Lvl 2 but planed not to invest more real money atm, I want to try it as F2P from now on.

    Having ~25 Heroes atm, 5-6 are purple, the rest is smaller. I am at ~315*; my strongest Hero has a powerlevel of ~4,4k the smallest are around 3k. I am playing 2 times daily. I can provide around 1,5m in the arena or 350-400 dmg in a raid. In the gauntlet I end up mostly around 40%

    So as u can see, yes, I am still quite a noob. But on the other Hand, I am one of the main providers (in raids or arena) in my guild, that sucks, because I am still a noob!

    If u think that I could fit in your guild, send me a tell ingame, my ingame nick is: SirVolin


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    Still relevant. some more purple now, 5-6 Stars more, 4,6 the biggest guy and some other improvements.


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      MMMhhmkay - then I try to start my own