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  • State of the Game: January 2018

    Hello Heroes!
    Hello everyone and a very Happy New Year! I am terribly sorry about the oh so delayed State of The Game. As I was writing it last week after dealing with the other hiccups I started feeling terrible and incoherent. Three hours later I was down with 103 degree fever! So I've been quite sick, and then when I started to recover my computer broke. It has been a great week over here! Regardless it's time to move on with the State of the Game. It's another year here in the Age of Heroes and we are so very thankful that you've participated in it with us.

    Over the last year we've been through a lot. We've had some really exciting times, and some really tough times. Through it all we've had a solid community throughout and for that we would like to express all the gratitude in the world for your time spent with us.

    We would like to briefly talk about the year we've had, and then talk about more recent events and finally talk about what to expect from the immediate future.

    A Look Back
    Over this last year we've had several new features as well as three new zones, a bucket of new heroes, and finally making it just under the wire, Battlefield.

    In the beginning of 2017 Daily Dungeon was brand new. It has since seen several revisions of different Daily Dungeon types, bosses, and rewards. We like having the Daily Dungeon and occasionally bringing in fresh different revisions of Daily Dungeons for special occasions. For the most part Daily Dungeon gets very positive reviews. Aside from occasionally being the ire of some of the community, the criticism generally being reward focused.

    Updated arena rewards. We finally got around to updating arena rewards, unfortunately some of the battlefield stuff reverted what we had on the arenas. So as you've seen they have been going out non-updated. So I've been trying to catch them and throw them out live. I will be trying to get ahead and make sure all of them are updated before they go out. I apologize for any time they may have gone out not updated and been rewarded, they will all be updated and finished before long. For that we thank you for your patience.

    Over the last year we released three zones. While we've had a lot of feedback over some of them being initially too difficult or too easy, they have generally been well received and we are happy you all are able to progress along the story of the Age of Heroes.

    We've had several special events including the introduction of the Titan Gauntlet. These have all been well received and we have intentions on bringing them back and playing them again.

    I would be remiss if I didn't go over our Summer months. We had members pulled off the team to other projects and Heroes suffered greatly. In this time, we had the great Ad Controversy of 2017. A horrifying crisis that was painful for all parties involved. Again, I personally would like to apologize for those days.

    We finally, with great effort, got Battlefield out to mixed reception. First and foremost I would like to say that we have been reviewing all your feedback in all its forms. While some of it not so constructive, a lot of it is stuff we can use to tweak and fix going forward and for that we thank you very much for all your feedback.

    We've heard a lot of people enjoying the new feature though most of the feedback we get is something along the lines of 'could be fun IF...' 'would be fun EXCEPT...' Most of the caveats we have found in looking through the feedback are things that are easily fixable. Some of the things that are major quality of life needs may not be as easy to fix but are definitely on the board. Battlefield first suffered from criticism for rewards which is granted. Being the first run, and our history with reward distribution we wanted to make sure it wasn't something too grand we would be having to give out multiple times. Which we did. However that issue has been identified and resolved and we hope to have much better rewards for any Battlefields to come. Including permanent Titans, troops, etc.

    The most common complaint by far is duration and time spent. These not only broke the camel's back and throw it out back, then fire a missile at it. We hear you. Originally I had several things about duration of the event, that I apologize were not true. For a variety of back end reasons we had to increase the longevity of the initial event. I fought against it. I knew what would happen to the camel. However, I personally am very sorry about the misleading information and the extended event over the holiday. I also am deeply sorry about the camel and its back.

    We understand there were a lot of problems with the initial Battlefield. However we still see a positive amount of potential in the feature and do hope you as the community can give it another chance. We will be taking it back and reviewing it, hoping to learn from our mistakes and hammer out a lot of the bad feelings the initial Battlefield brought. We understand number of nodes as well as chat being inaccessible from Battlefield is also an issue. Nodes should be a relatively easy fix while I will do my best to see what we can do about chat.

    I understand there were a number of other concerns about Battlefield, and I assure you, we are reading your feedback and will be doing our very best to address these concerns in the future.
    Moving Forward

    For now we are going to be moving into a time of 'refining'. Old bugs. Old things. We will be looking over our considerable to do list and going back to fix a bunch of things that need fixing and tweaking. We thank you for your feedback in this as we will be looking over it and continuing to make fixes based off community reports and our own findings. We will still be circulating events, heroes, sales and working on refining the ones we already have. But our major 'project' as of now will be fixing and tweaking.

    On a personal note, I have gotten to know many of you in the last couple years in the time of Age of Heroes. I want to thank you personally for supporting us over this time and spending time with us. We value you greatly and hope to continue along side you, in the Age of Heroes.

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    WARNING: wall of text incoming. Don't complain about it, reading it is not mandatory....

    "Prediction: they will not admit they created battlefield at the last second without thinking about it or testing it in any way, they will claim that they've been working hard on it but that there were features that were not well received by players (as usual, it's the players' fault if they don't like what the devs do, not theirs), and they will say that they'll listen to feedback (without saying WHAT will change or how, of course). They will announce a new hero (only thing for which people still spend rubies), promise to communicate more (which they won't do, they promised it in the past and things only got worse), and thank us for our continuated support (refusing to acknowledge the very large number of people that quit over BF). Wanna bet?"

    This is what I wrote in my guild's Slack channel several hours before this post was created. I'd say my predictions were correct. At this point, either the devs are actively lying in order to deceive the community and make us think that they have not abandoned the game (just so they can squeeze some money our of newbies, like with the terrible "rocking dead" deal, since no veteran player is spending on the game anymore and they know it), or they are delusional: NOBODY liked Battlefield! Absolutely nobody! How can you like a feature that, near its end, takes you almost THREE HOURS for a full run, with crappy rewards? And they haven't addressed the fact that a lot of players, including some top ones, quit over this feature. I strongly suspect the "giving 4 times the expected rewards" was not a way to fix things, but an attempt at placate the community with over-inflated rewards so we would forget how truly terrible the feature was (and yes, it WAS terrible: you keep thinking that the people that complained over it are a small minority to be ignored, but I haven't read a SINGLE positive comment about it. You're out of touch with the community, like you've always been in the last months).

    It's easy to look at the past year. In January the game was just a little over 4 months old, it was full of potential, and we all loved it. It also got support from the devs, something that's severely lacking now. You used to talk to players, even checked your own forum (which you clearly don't do anymore, given the lack of response to very serious topics). Why don't you talk about the last months, instead than the last year? The new zone was supposed to come out for the anniversary, but it's not here yet. Battlefield was supposed to be a great feature which you had been working on for months, but it turned out to be a COMPLETE disappointment which was clearly conceived at the last minute, without any testing or considerations (ofc, you lied about that too). You promised to improve communications with the community, and yet that was several months ago, but instead you did the opposite, turning this forum into a wasteland (why bother writing, when you don't even read what we say?) and reducing contacts with the community even more, aside from support tickets that are usually met with a copy-paste response ("I'll pass your feedback along to the development team", even when the ticket was a question and not a feedback: this means you didn't even bother to read it).

    Now, I know fully well that you consider all negative feedback like the *****ings of a handful of complainers that should be ignored (I personally think your hubris is one of the biggest flaws of the game), but I'll say the following things anyway:

    "Updated arena rewards". Yeah, with obsolete stuff. Arena still gives 5* gear for top50/top10, when 5* is obsolete for anyone that can reach that (wow, I got a 5* piece of gear that I'll use on my 10th strongest hero, that will make a difference...). With 6* gear, arena would be fine, but you're basically giving everyone gear they have no use for (those that can reach the highest tier are all about 6* stuff anyway, and those that could use 5* gear won't be able to get it). I have maintained for months that one of the biggest issues with the game is how out of touch you are with it, and your bragging about something that is still REALLY bad just confirmed this.

    "Over the last year we released three zones. While we've had a lot of feedback over some of them being initially too difficult or too easy, they have generally been well received". Too easy. All the players that can reach top100 in gauntlet got maxed stars within a week of the new zones releases. This is further proof that, if you don't play your own game and you don't listen to the community (neither of which you do, obviously), you have no idea of what its developement stage is. See the previous point, lacking any first-hand experience and dismissing all second-hand feedback as the rants of a handulf of disgruntled players naturally leads to you making choices that are ridiculous, given the current state of the game. A LOT of people not only auto-attack raids, inclung corruped ones (and with random heroes too), but they also auto story mode, including zone 9 heroic stages. You clearly have no idea what is challenging and what is not. Maybe you even think that people in top50 gauntlet don't have maxed Dragonfang Oriothen and Bonegor... create an account, inject a massive amounts of rubies on it so you can catch up, bring it to the level of even remotely competitive players, and then you can see than I'm right... but you won't do that, of course. That would require time and effort, and you have none to spare for this game.

    "We've had several special events including the introduction of the Titan Gauntlet. These have all been well received and we have intentions on bringing them back and playing them again". Yeah, titan gauntlet was fine (not great, but fine). Too bad we had 3 of them, and we haven't seen one in a couple of months, despite your promise that they were going to be released at least once per month. But then again, we should not be surprised that you broke your promise, seeing that this is maybe the 10th time this happens...

    "A horrifying crisis that was painful for all parties involved". No, it was painful for some players, surely not for you. And if it hadn't been for the MASSIVE negative feedback over it, with people threatening to quit, support tickets enough to fill your inbox, and a massive thread on this forum, you would have ignored the problem. It took the entirety of the community to make you even acknowledge that there was something VERY wrong with what you did, and that was the last time you bothered to listen to us. That was this summer, by the way...

    "We finally, with great effort, got Battlefield out to mixed reception. First and foremost I would like to say that we have been reviewing all your feedback in all its forms. While some of it not so constructive, a lot of it is stuff we can use to tweak and fix going forward and for that we thank you very much for all your feedback". "With great effort" my ***, the entire thing was so poorly thought out that I would be surprised if the design took you more than one afternoon, and by a single person (coding and artwork may have required more time, but the design was the important part, and it was evidently flawed). Also, ALL the feeback was constructive. All of it. You just dismiss anything that you don't want to hear, which I think is maybe the biggest problem with the game, alongside your lack of first-hand experience with it. And ALL feedback was negative. As I predicted, you are not doing the ONLY thing you should do about Battlefield: apologize for your rushed and poorly though-out idea, and promise to listen to the community in order to fix it. No, every negative feedback is to be ignored, this is your way. Well, your way is killing this game. Actually, it HAS killed it, given that I know of noone that is spending on it anymore, and the many people that quit over it (myself included).

    "We've heard a lot of people enjoying the new feature". Then you're either lying or delusional. You've proven to be both, so it's 50/50... if you had bothered to read your own forum, or had dropped in World Chat every once in a while, you would have realized that almost NODOBY liked Battlefield. The only people that did were newbies that didn't have many battle coins to play with (so, not a lot of troops/titans) or people that didn't mind spending 12 hours a day doing the same battle over and over again (and yes, IT WAS 12 hours a day, my last run took me almost 3 hours, on a 6 hours cooldown...). Just be honest and admit you didn't think about the time requirements AT ALL. But I know you well enough by now to realize that you'll never do that...

    By the way, battlefield rewards were especially terrible: giving SPIRIT STONES as a reward is further proof that you are out of touch with your own game, since any guild that can hold a node WILL have maxed buildings (and the Fountain sucks, despite your promise to make it viable it's still an utterly useless feature except as a way to dump stones to boost your Reputation). We've been asking for months for a way to convert excess stones into something more useful (and XP too, given that all veterans will have between 20 and 100 MILLIONS XP stashed away that they'll never get to use), but you clearly ignored those requests...

    [need to break it in 2 posts because I just discovered there's a 10k characters limit....]


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      [part 2]

      "The most common complaint by far is duration and time spent. We hear you". Yeah, you hear us, and yet I see no ACTUAL fixes here. You promise to make things better, but you don't say HOW. Once again, you'll come up with something at the last minute (last minute stuff seems to be your thing, like this SotG that was supposed to come out this week, and of course it was released at the last possible moment, late Friday afternoon...). This time, LISTEN TO THE COMMUNITY! Battlefield doesn't need to be tweaked: it needs to be reworked. Admit what we ALL know, that you've created the feature in a rush just to placate the community, and work with it in order to do something that would really be worthwhile. But as I type these words, I realize that if you had any inclination to do that, you would not have committed the MANY mistakes you did lately, which convinced many top players (and spenders) to quit...

      "and do hope you as the community can give it another chance". The community could give it another chance, but only if YOU swallow your pride, ADMIT that you rushed it though without much thought and that it was a TERRIBLE feature, and for once LISTEN to what the community says. You keep treating us like sheep that will follow you whatever you do, and don't even realize that half the flock wandered away because you didn't listen to them...

      "I understand there were a number of other concerns about Battlefield, and I assure you, we are reading your feedback and will be doing our very best to address these concerns in the future". This sounds like one of your copy-paste responses to support tickets... yeah, you will "address these concerns", but what I'm sure you don't realize is that by now you have ZERO credibility. You've walked back on your promises too many times, openly lied even more often, generic reassurances don't cut it anymore. If you want to claw back some trust, you NEED to say what EXACTLY will change in the future, and how. "We'll fix things", "we'll listen to you" are just empty words now. All those that have known you for over a year know this, the only people you're fooling are newbies that have not yet grown accustomed to your bull****. Add some DETAILS, please, or don't bother at all.

      "For now we are going to be moving into a time of 'refining'. Old bugs. Old things". Good. You should have done that, instead of rushing Battlefield without thinking about it. You will forgive us if we don't trust you on that, though, since we've had some bug for over ONE YEAR, some annoying and some game-breaking (and if they are still there, this means you either don't give a crap or are utterly incompetent). I mean, we've had 3 new raid heroes for several MONTHS now, and they STILL lack proper training levels! You can add new heroes, with their training levels, but you can't be bothered to fix the old ones? For 5 months? This is not a techinical diffuculty on your part, be honest FOR ONCE and admit that you don't care, and that since this game's revenue is drying out, your support of the game is basically non-existent. We all know this anyway, being honest will at least make us keep some respect towards you.

      You ended on a personal note, and so will I: I'm done with your crap. You've lied, broken your promises, you clearly don't give a crap about the game anymore but still pretend that you do just to squeeze a few bucks from newbies that don't know any better with crappy deals (really, Cassius + Dante for $10???). On top of that, you dismiss any negative feedback as the rants of a small minority: you convinced yourselves that your game is great (and it sure has the potential to be that, but because of you it's not), and everyone that disagrees, despite how well he defends his argument, or how experienced he is (more than you, anyway, since your experience with the game is exactly zero), is to be ignored. I know fully well that this is what you will think when (if) you read this post as well. And you'll ignore everything I had to say, like you've always done. The only feedback you will ever consider is "great game,but...": small tweaks. Anything that requires you to admit that you have done a TERRIBLE job, like with the mobile ads, or Battlefield, or 6* gear from DD, or new heroes being either too strong or too weak, or raid heroes shards from TP so that they have become the only viable option for 99% of players, that will be ignored. But that's fine for me. I'm done trying to make you see what you refuse to see. The only reason why I'm writing this is the extremely remote chance that you will actually LISTEN for once, and make the game better for the friends I made here. Not for me, though: you attitude, your lies and broken promises, your lack of respect for the community, along with the extremely rude responses to the support tickets I sent you (which I have not made public, even though I should have...), made my decision easy: I'm not playing anything from 5PG ever again, because the games are not the problems (they're potentially good, actually): you are. And until you admit that, things are gonna get worse and worse.


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        Dear Kodiak,

        again, you are very vague. What exactly are you going to fix, how and when? And I'm very much looking forward to 2018 of nothingness in this game. Great decision! I'm close to having enough of this...emptiness. BTW: Tesch is right in most things, but I would like to set out the BF: saying that it needs to be tweaked is really over the top. Just admit it - it needs to be redesigned, because as it is now it drives most players away, and I'm guessing that your intention was just the opposite...

        Disastrous SOTG. Perhaps you should say sometinh more? And preferably in the next few days, not in the next month's SOTG...


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          "I was sick and my computer broke" sounds just something like my students say to get out of tests and exams. All in all, a joke of a sotg to me. Nothing to look forward to and the part of BF "needing a few tweaks" is just wrong. It needs a complete redesign if you ask me, but i guess whatever.


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            I already moved on but this is the worst SoTG I have ever read. It says absolutely nothing. What new information was gleaned from this? That the continued promise of bugs fixes that are still in the game after months of promising to fix them is finally a priority? That's like saying "Hey tomorrow I am going to go do the job I am paid to do" and expect people to appreciate that bit of obvious news.
            Tesch is right Battlefield was a rush job that no way anyone who as ever done any programming can be convinced wasn't something thrown together in a matter of weeks, not the pretended "months" of "great effort" that Kodiak is trying to sale. It was a rushed hack job by a disinterested dev team throwing something out in the pretense of continued progress.


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              Originally posted by Reloaded View Post
              It was a rushed hack job by a disinterested dev team throwing something out in the pretense of continued progress.
              I very much doubt it was even a team, or you would expect someone to stand up and say "STOP", this is nonsense.
              Sorry to say, some features in this game are grindy, and i have accepted that (somewhat reluctantly). BF however is so bad, it was so off putting i just refused to play it, i just disliked it with a passion. So please put it in a dumpster and start from scratch, best to avoid trying to edit and fix


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                By the way, one working day has passed, and there's no reply from the devs on this topic. I seriously doubt they even bothered to read this. One would think that, if you piss off the community THIS much, with people quitting in droves, the next thing to do is try to salvage the game in any way, apologize and start to listen. But in order for this to happen, the devs need to care about the game even a little, and since everybody knows that their revenue has dried up in the last few months, they evidently scrapped the project already. All they're doing is putting out new cash deals to trick the few newbies that don't know how crappy they are...

                At this point, to be honest, I can understand why they have abandoned the game (because yes, they have): nothing they do or say will invite veterans to spend again, and they know this. It happens, games typically have a certain shelf life, and after a while they get abandoned. This is not the devs' fault. What IS their fault, however, is WHY the shelf life of this game, that could have been years, has been shortened this much, and also how they are handling the situation: trying to squeeze cash from newbies for a game they already know they have abandoned, instead of saying it clearly. This alienates the community, and hurts their business too: to get some scraps now, they are damaging their reputation as a company, and also making sure that a large number of the players they've been lying to will never ever play any of their games in the future (and maybe even spread the word on how bad this gaming company is). The best definition of stupidity that I've ever heard is "doing something that damages yourself and damages others, with no party involved getting any benefit whatsoever". I think it fits perfectly to this case...


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                  Kodiak never managed to be straight-to-the-point, but I will:
                  I quit. Very dissapointed about how devs are handling things, commanication-wise and game-wise.

                  To all fellow players: Good luck and hope to see some of you in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, my new favourite game
                  To devs: Good luck (I'm afraid you'll need it) and hope to see none of you on the developing team of Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, my new favourite game

                  It's been fun. Well, at least for the first few months. Last few months were...I guess you all know, right?

                  Over & out.


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                    So, a week without even the common decency of reading your own forum... why bother having one at all, and writing a post every month, when you don't even bother to read it once a day anymore? It's not like there's hundreds of posts per day anyway, it would take you no more than 5 minutes per day. By not doing even that, you make it even more clear (as if we needed this to realize it) that you don't really care about the game. You're not even trying to hide it anymore...


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                      harper GA that gives nature tokens and thorngar shards. lol


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                        Can you take down the holiday stuff please? Its kinda dumb looking now.


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                          But its christmas soon (TM)